This interactive cat carrier is a play area that also monitors your pet’s heart rate!

Have you ever tried taking your grumpy kitty out of your home, and into the great big scary world? It’s quite a task, isn’t it? My cats, for one, hate stepping out of our home. And I hate having to actually make them step out, because of the anxiety and tension it causes them. But this is where the Fun Way Cat Carrier comes in!

Designed by Lin, Yu-Fang, Wu & Yi-Hui, this cat carrier is really as fun and playful as a pet product can get! Specially designed for cats, the carrier can be expanded and adjusted in length, to provide suitable space for your pets, ensuring their utmost comfort. The rounded cover on one side of the carrier features an interactive panel. This interactive surface displays information regarding your cat’s tension and heart rate. Whenever you see your pet getting stressed out, you can stroke them and soothe their tension by touching them. This helps us stay connected with our pets, and in tune with their moods. Now, on to, my favorite feature of the Fun Way Cat Carrier – the reason why ‘Fun Way’ is even included in its name. This adorable carrier also doubles up as a mini playground for your pet! When not in use as a carrier, it can be combined with its additional components to create a playful space wherein your cat can run, roll, hop, skip, and play about! This also aids your cat in getting accustomed to the carrier and helping them feel safe and comfortable in the space.

The Fun Way Cat Carrier’s color scheme of blue and pink is also quite cheerful and soothing! It’s a fun and functional pet product accentuated by cute and robust aesthetics. This is a product that I’m sure your fussy cats would approve of!

Designer: Lin, Yu-Fang, Wu & Yi-Hui