Logitech’s new wavy ergonomic keyboard was designed to be like a spa-day for your hands

Designed to become a full desktop solution when paired with the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse, the Logitech ERGO K860 extends that very philosophy of comfortable computing to the keyboard. The full-feature keyboard aims at providing a relaxing, intuitive, and zero-strain typing experience, boosting typing productivity without the wrist-pain and with minimal muscle activity.

The first thing you notice when you see the ERGO K860 is its camel-hump, or as Logitech calls it, the WAVE. Just like Logitech’s MX Vertical Mouse was inspired by the formation your hand makes when you shake hands, the ERGO K860’s wave makes it a cross between a traditional flat keyboard and the spherical ‘writing-ball’ typewriters from the 1870s. Logitech’s design team states that when completely relaxed (like your muscles would be if you were floating underwater), your hands don’t lay completely flat. They relax at a slight outward angle. The ERGO K860’s wave detail gets your hands to rest in that exact same angle to deliver a more natural typing experience. The split-keyboard layout guides your hands into a spread-out shape too, so you’ve got each key covered by your fingers. The keys, rated for a 10 million keystroke lifespan, come with a slightly scooped concave shape, allowing you to orient your fingers better and type more confidently.

Designed to be completely wireless, the Logitech ERGO K860 comes with Bluetooth connectivity as well as wireless compatibility with the Logitech USB wireless receiver. You can connect (and stay connected) to up to 3 devices at a time, and three numbered keys on the board allow you to alternate between active devices, so you can be typing out a mail on your laptop and instantly hit a key to switch to your phone to reply to a text or a Slack message. That instant-switching helps immensely boost productivity, so your hands never need to leave the keyboard at any time. Besides, with Logitech’s memory-foam wrist-rest, your hands won’t want to. The memory foam helps provide just the right amount of softness, preventing carpal tunnel syndrome by cushioning your wrists. The ERGO K860’s design doesn’t just help you type comfortably while seated, it comes with angle-adjusting clips on its front (rather than the back) that help angle the keyboard away from you, giving you the ability to use the keyboard at a standing desk too. The two clips angle the keyboard at -4° and -7°, depending on your desk-to-height ratio.

I’ve been using the ERGO K860 for nearly a month now, and here’s what I feel… The ERGO K860 presents a bit of a learning curve (probably because I’ve never used a split-keyboard before), but that comes with three rather noticeable pros. One, I can feel much lesser strain as I type, thanks to the wave-detail and memory-foam channel under my wrist; Two, the tactile feedback from the keyboard feels like an absolute delight; and Three, since I’m typing slower, I find myself getting actual time to think before I type, which as someone who literally types thoughts for a living, feels like a pretty good advantage. Over time I’ll obviously find myself getting used to the split keyboard layout, but for now, I feel more articulate than ever; and yes, I’m typing this very article out on the ERGO K860.

The ERGO K860’s wave detail is something the company’s design team has worked on for quite a while, perfecting it so it works for all hand types and sizes. Its visual presence is so commanding and iconic, I wouldn’t be surprised if people start referring to it as the Wave Keyboard… and that hollow cavity below the wave comes with a bit of reason too. It’s a great place to pass cables and wires through, or hide a notepad and pencil under… or even a phone, if you don’t want your boss to see you watching videos on TikTok!

The ERGO K860 comes cross-compatible across Windows and Macintosh devices, as well as boasts of compatibility with mobile devices and tablets via its Low Bluetooth Energy (LBE) connectivity. The keyboard retails for $129.99 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Designer: Logitech

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