MB&F Legacy Machine 101 Features First In-house Movement

As a watch enthusiast, I understand the pain and pride behind developing an in-house movement. So this time around when MB&F announced their Legacy Machine 101, my interest piqued as it houses the very first movement developed entirely in-house by MB&F. Dominating the dial is a monumental suspended balance wheel, which is another point of interest in terms of design and functionality.

Classically sized as a 40mm wristwatch, the Legacy Machine 101 (LM101) features two pristine-white subdials and is placed above the sunray-engraved movement top plate: the top right showcases the highly legible hours and minutes that are indicated via blued-gold hands and the 45-hour power reserve indicator is displayed in a smaller, but similar subdial below.

What I really like about the design is that the sapphire crystal protecting the dial appears to be invisible; thus creating an illusion that you can touch the balance wheel. The display back crystal has been domed to reduce the thickness of the caseband and also showcases the hand-finished movement.

Inspired by the pocket watches from the eras gone by, the award-winning independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen is the man behind the movement’s fines finishing. Legacy Machine 101 is available in an 18k red gold or 18k white gold case.

Legacy Machine 101 – Technical Specifications

  • Engine: Three-dimensional horological movement developed in-house by MB&F
  • Aesthetical design and finish specifications: Kari Voutilainen
  • Manual winding with single mainspring barrel
  • Power reserve: 45 hours
  • Number of components: 229 components
  • Number of jewels: 23
  • Functions: Hours, minutes and power reserve indicator. Large suspended balance wheel over dial
  • Strap & Buckle: Black or brown hand-stitched alligator strap with gold tang buckle to match case.

Designer: MB&F



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