This wooden cabin comes in a flat-pack DIY kit so you can assemble your own tiny holiday home!

Setting up camp has never looked so good and it setting up a minimal glamping cabin just got a whole lot easier thanks to Den! The cabin design studio has a range of flat-packed DIY-style kits that let you assemble your own A-frame cabin in a few days.

The average size is 115-square-foot (10.68-square-metre) with models that are larger and smaller depending on what you are looking for. Once assembled, you can see the slanted wooden walls and a floor-to-ceiling triangular window just like how we drew a picture of a cabin as children. The space is minimal and can be transformed into a cozy getaway, a yoga studio, or a creative retreat! The prefab pieces for the cabin are made in New York and come with pre-drilled holes, all wooden structural parts that lock together, bolts, and even door hardware. They are super easy to assemble and the details make the cabin stand out from other flat-packed structures. It is well insulated and can be set up wherever your heart desires. Even though it is a semi-permanent shelter, it has all-season compatibility.

“Under the hood (roof) we have components that are cut with CNC precision, a design that slots together intuitively, and a kit so complete even the door hardware is included so you won’t need to make any trips to the hardware store. The cabin bolts and screws together and all the holes are pre-drilled for fast assembly,” explained the Den team. “If you don’t have any construction experience you can certainly make up for it with tenacity, and a few friends to help you with the job,” Den explained. “Building something even as easy as this still requires some hutzpah mind you. You need to be comfortable on a ladder a story off the ground to set the ridge cap and screw in the roofing panels, and you and your friends (or team) need to be careful with the large windows while setting them in place,” they added.

Den’s cabin kit is designed to be assembled with minimal equipment including a ratchet set, a power drill, a ladder, step ladder and a staple gun. The flat-packed materials arrive stacked according to the order in which they are needed which makes the process stress-free and less confusing. You don’t need to have construction experience, just some friends and enthusiasm for this project! Although you might need a contractor to help you out in bolstering the cabin if it is being built on a sloped site or any area with harsh weather conditions to make sure the foundation is solid. The cabin is made such that it touches the ground lightly so it can be disassembled and rebuilt elsewhere easily. That is also a reason why it is designed to be constructed without nails!

Designer: Den