LEGO inspired modular couch lets you build and modify your own design to suit your living space!

If anyone understands transformative furniture the best, it’s the guys at Transformer Table Inc. Based out of Montreal, the Transformer Table holds records for being Canada’s most funded Kickstarter project of all time as well as the world’s most funded furniture Kickstarter of all time, and I’ll be honest, those distinctions are well deserved. Their journey began in 2016 when they debuted the world’s first table that could expand 10x in length, seating anywhere from 1-2 people in its fully closed mode, to up to 12 people when completely opened out. The project was a runaway success and was even adapted into an expanding bench to go with the table. The guys at Transformer Table Inc. are now bringing their expandable, modular, creative approach to another notoriously rigid item of furniture… the couch.

The Transformer Couch takes a Lego/Minecraft approach to furniture. Everything is centered around a ‘couch block’ which can be extended width-wise to create a couch that seats more people, or length-wise to let you completely stretch your legs out. The couch can be split into two, going from one long unit to two smaller ones, or even multiple single-seater sofas and ottomans, or just about any arrangement you’d like. You don’t really buy the Transformer Couch as it is, you buy modular arrangements and arrange them as you see fit, adding armrests or backrests when you want, and removing them when you don’t. It’s like IKEA, except with MUCH more creative freedom.

This modular approach helps the Transformer Couch solve multiple problems that people usually have with their regular couches. Its flexibility means you aren’t stuck with that one couch all your life, you’re provided with infinite possibilities. Need an L-shaped couch for the corner? Just move the modules around. Want a long couch for when friends come over to watch the game? Just switch them back. Every aspect of the Transformer Couch is removable and adjustable, from its cushions to its armrests and even the backrest. They pop right onto the base and fix themselves in place, creating something that’s sturdy too. Multiple modules lock into place using intermediary connecting clamps too, giving you rigidity when you need it, and flexibility when you want it.

Apart from tackling size constraints, the Transformer Couch is designed to be an overall hassle-free experience, from assembly to comfort, maintenance, and disassembly. Setting up your couch is a one-person job – the entire module fits right into a single box and you can easily put individual sections together in under 5 minutes without requiring any tools or complicated handbooks. Maintenance is a breeze too, as individual couch covers can easily be removed when you need to wash them or if you need to change colors. Since they’re all singular blocks, you can mix and match colors too, creating a quirky palette of hues to suit your space… or your laundry cycle! Each couch module comprises a hardwood base with sinuous steel springs and Italian webbing. Upon it sit the cushions, made with high-density foam for comfort and ‘springability’, and the armrests and backrest, which come with the same foam cushioning with an underlying brushed-steel framework. Covers for the couch are available in fabric, velvet, and PU-leather options, and you can just order more covers whenever you want, refreshing your couch’s visual appeal. Need a place to store all those covers? Well, the area beneath the seat is hollow, so you can store pretty much anything inside it, from extra cushions to covers or even shoes and seasonal clothing (or use it to hide cash… it’ll add a new meaning to ‘finding money by digging into your couch’!)

The Transformer Couch’s modular approach also gives it one more major edge over traditional or even IKEA furniture. Designed to be flexible, the couch can easily be disassembled and moved around too. Whether it’s within your house from room to room, or intra-city, or even across cities and states, packing up the Transformer Couch is just as easy as unpacking it is. The entire module fits right into a single box, and you can carry/transport one module at a time without requiring handymen to lift the couches for you, or asking your friends to “PIVOT!!” if you know what I mean! The Transformer Couch comes with a lifetime warranty, free international shipping, and obviously, infinite design possibilities!

Designer: Transformer Table

Click Here to Buy Now: $1240 $2480 (50% off & Free Shipping).

Transformer Couch – One Couch, Endless Possibilities

The Transformer Couch is the most multifunctional and modular couch ever. Make it an accent chair, a sofa, a sectional, a bed, a lounger or even a playground for the kids.

Transformer Couches can adapt to any and all spaces no matter where and how you live. The only limit is your imagination.

How to Assemble the Couch

Unbox It

Assemble It

Connect It

Enjoy It

Transformation Possibilities

Features & Benefits

Rearangable – Rearrange your space in seconds.

Forever Changeable – Change the cover colors for a new look.

Washable – Every cover and material is completely washable.

5 Min Assembly – Assemble the Transformer Couch in 5 minutes.

Tech & Spec

Seat Frame: Hardwood with sinuous steel springs and Italian webbing.

Armrests and Backrests are built from heavy duty brushed steel rods, providing strength and durability.

Seat Cushions: Seating cushions are made with three 2.2 high-density foam layers.

Back Cushions: Back cushions and armrests features premium quality spun fibers and Dacron fillings which are blown, baffled and bagged.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1240 $2480 (50% off & Free Shipping).