This flexible, portable work-desk is changing how we be productive remotely

Not many desks are designed with the ability to be carried everywhere. Now while that seems like a ridiculous feature to have in the first place, think about it this way… Your desk is your workplace, and where it’s located is effectively your area of productivity. You’re bound to that zone because your desk wasn’t made to be shifted around, and you’re not as productive when you’re trying to work in bed or on your couch. The des is about productivity, it isn’t about freedom… and it’s time to change that.

Simply put, the Remotable is an adjustable, lightweight piece of furniture that’s as portable as your laptop. Designed to be set up and used anywhere, it gives you the flexibility and freedom to work from practically anywhere with the discipline and infrastructure you need to stay productive… and if you want to shift positions, just carry the table with your laptop to another location! The Remotable’s portable design is championed by its relatively simple construction, consisting of a telescopic pole that allows you to adjust the table’s height (shifting from a sitting to a standing desk) and even acts as a grip for you to carry it around. Its lightweight steel and aluminum frame allows for mobility and ensures strength and stability to keep your laptop/mouse/etc. from shifting around as you work. The base structure is fitted with a recycled timber surface on top that’s big enough to fit all your work essentials, including a 16-inch laptop, your phone, charging cable, mouse, and even a cup of coffee. When you’re done with or taking a break from your work, the table works as a perfectly sized lunch table, fitting your lunchbox or your packaged meals easily, or even as a recreational surface for games like chess.

Setting up the Remotable is just as easy as using it. The table comes in 4 parts that easily plug right into one another. Once assembled, the table’s height can easily be adjusted from as low as 65 cm to as high as 115 cm to help you maintain an ergonomic working position and healthy posture. The table comes with added functionality too in the form of a magnetic drawer that snaps to the base of the tabletop surface! Place it on the left or right depending on what’s convenient for you, and the slide-out drawer is perfect for things like your keys, AirPods, or other EDC.

While the pandemic aimed at making workplaces flexible, the Remotable reinforces that by giving you the freedom to set up your workstation anywhere. Whether you want to shift to a quieter part of the house, or strategically place yourself closer to the WiFi router, or even near the balcony or window for a better view, the Remotable is all about unlocking your productivity by giving you the freedom you need!

Designer: Vaibhav Rana

Click Here to Buy Now: $239 $335 (29% off).

Remotable: Portable Desk for Better Health & Productivity

The Remotable is a portable desk that lets you sit, stand & work anywhere around the house.


Remotable is lightweight for easy moving. Work anywhere you like – in your bedroom, living room, your garden or your balcony. Lightweight steel and aluminum frame allows for mobility and ensure strength and stability at the same time.

Height Adjustable

Work sitting or standing, with an easy height adjustable mechanism, to adjust table height anywhere between 65 cm to 115 cm to help you maintain the most ergonomic working position and healthy posture.

Spacious Tabletop

Made from recycled timber and designed to comfortably fit your work essentials – up to a 16 inch laptop, mouse, phone stand, coffee mug.

Modular Design

Complete modular design with easy assembly, effortlessly putting it together or away to help you save space.


Specially designed tabletop, attach your Magdrawer magnetically below the table top to store all your work essentials.

Creative Ways to Use the Remotable

Designer side table in your living room or your balcony.

Play chess, cards or other board games.

Click Here to Buy Now: $239 $335 (29% off).