Each One that Sits on Goes Ahhh

That’s a comfort “Ahhh”, not a scream. Though you MIGHT be screaming when you find out how excellent this chair is. That’s what we’re talking about. It’s a seat that goes by the name “Ipanema armchair,” and it’s oh, so pretty. Made out of medium densified hardwood with a multi-laminated shell wood. This sort of combo allows for a great number of shapes, they say, and your eyeballs are about to explode with flavor when you see the ones they’ve combo’d.

This chair is so radical that it was made from the cuts of a CNC machine as well as having the touch of a human hand on its body. Hand finished, acute, precise, made with some harmony.

Shaped for engaging your loving bones.

Designer: Jader Almeida

Ipanema Arm Chair by Jader Almeida




  • Berry says:

    Somebody please tell me where I can order 2 of these… They look absolutely amazing!!

  • Jeremy says:

    I also take two…

  • mif991 says:

    Those lovely sharp edges will puncture my lovely thighs and sides. I appreciate the goth in them though. Try playing musical chairs with this…Ouch!

  • Hollis Ervin says:

    Where are the arms to the Ipanema Arm Chair?

  • Eliz says:

    Beautiful this arm chair!!!

  • ccc* says:

    I love the legs, but the seat is a miss. I think the designer knows this too considering all the pictures are focused on the legs and the views are of angles that no one would ever see unless sitting on the floor.

  • brad says:

    would be much more pure in the design intent if the wings were cut off

  • brad says:

    would be much more pure in the design intent if the wings were cut off

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