Wild Froggy Trike Action

This is the wildest recumbent trike you will ever see in all your days. It’s got such a fury that you’ll probably rocket off right into space when you ride it. It’s got customizability to the max, fitting directly to your body shape and desire. This is the “OOPHAGA” and it’s got a frog for a logo, and chassis made of carbon fiber. The color combination is customizable, and so are the rims. There’s shock absorbers, removable headrest, and because of its totally analog setup, is completely eco friendly. Made for asphalt, but dares you to take it offroad.

Designer Milos Todorovic informs us that this trike is light, durable, and ready for full customizability in both the decorations it has on it and in the pieces it’s made up of. This is one wild machine.

Designer: Milos Todorovic