NOMINAL Moon Lander pen is ready to launch your productivity to the next level

Nothing is more inspiring than a tool that represents humanity’s best moments and aspirations.

It’s easy to take a pen for granted until you find yourself forced to use one that doesn’t work or doesn’t feel comfortable to hold. Mass-produced pens have numbed our minds to the joys of holding a well-designed tool, especially one that delights our sense of sight and touch. Fortunately, there is also no shortage of high-quality pens that try to bring back those age-old sensations with a modern touch. And what could be more modern than a pen inspired by a rocket that will take humans to their next frontier, a fitting metaphor for breaking through the barriers of boredom, procrastination, and banality to take off to new heights of creativity and productivity.

Designer: Mercator London

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Nominal, whose name was literally taken from a term used during rocket launches, made a name for itself with a highly successful 2020 run that brought a pen designed to resemble SpaceX’s historic Falcon 9. Inspired by a new collaboration between NASA and SpaceX to bring humans back to the Moon, the new NOMINAL Moon Lander puts a different twist to the “space pen,” allowing your mind and your hands to wander briefly and take part in the history-defining process of launching a rocket into space. Pick up the pen from its base, pop the cap module off, and land the pen’s tip on paper to write your thoughts and tasks down smoothly, unhindered by the weight of poorly-designed pens.

The NOMINAL Moon Lander is striking both in its design and its finish. Its brushed stainless steel body is expertly made from 18 individual CNC-machined parts and conveys both an image of strength and durability. Every part of the pen is meticulously designed, even for the parts you’re unlikely to see or notice. The base, for example, hides 29 recessed dots that represent the 29 raptor engines that will catapult the Super Heavy Starship to space. The pen’s grip has engraved hexagonal patterns, similar to the heatshields used in SpaceX’s rockets.

The pen isn’t just for show, of course, though it definitely stands tall and proud as a desk centerpiece. It is also a sharp tool you can use to wage war on work and todos, especially with the Schmidt P950M Medium Black pressurized refill that was specifically chosen for its smooth-flowing ink at any angle. The base can be easily detached to replace the cartridge when the ink well runs empty. The pen grip’s stainless steel surface is cool to the touch, and the patterns increase the skin’s grip, offering a more pleasant and stress-free writing experience.

NOMINAL Moon Lander Platform – Features a fineprint photograph of the Moon’s surface. It also fits an Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger.

And when the task is written and done, the Moon Lander can find its way back home to the optional Moon Lander Platform, complete with a printed photograph of the Moon’s surface. For those times when the rocket is away, that base can also be a home for your iPhone, especially because it hides a MagSafe charger inside. The base also serves as a fitting home for the cap Capsule Module while the pen is in use, signifying that the work is far from over.

Beautiful in both its construction and its form, the NOMINAL Moon Lander pen tickles one’s fancy and imagination every time it is picked up for what would otherwise be a rote or mundane task. Almost like a challenge to break free from the regularity of everyday life, the SpaceX-inspired pen delivers a tool that is both interesting to look at and even more pleasurable to hold and use, just as a modern pen in the space age should be.

Click Here to Buy Now: $68 $75 (10% off with coupon code “YANKO_ML_10”). Hurry, less than 48 hours to go!