This CNC machined Mt. Fuji comes to life with an intricate carving process. Watch the video!

Call us nerds, but there is something so beautiful about watching an intricate machine at work – it’s like a visual trigger of ASMR. Dom Riccobene knows this better than most and he put his creative genius to work and created this detailed CNC machined process – and don’t be fooled by the quick video. It requires a lot of coding to get the machining just right and by using some drill experimentation, we have the result here – a crafted Mt. Fuji made from a dark piece of Richlite.

Meet Richlite – a durable, versatile, antimicrobial, and sustainable material. Dom Riccobene masterfully blends data, art, and design to give us these intricate sculptures crafted by algorithms. This material was first used 75 years ago in the aerospace industry but quickly expanded to commercial, marine, and action sports applications. You’ll find Richlite in residential, commercial, and industrial use, everywhere from exterior cladding to furniture, from musical instruments to skateparks because of its machinable and tactile properties which make it flexible to use in a variety of design situations. For a realistic finishing touch to his sculpture, Riccobene also adds incense, harking back to the days of Mt. Fuhi’s eruption days.

He has been dubbed ‘data sculptor’ by his fans and we couldn’t agree more!

Designer: Dom Riccobene