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All said and done, printers are a nuisance on the desk! They take up too much space and hold elegance to ransom with their unruly wires. The ‘I’m Hanging Printer’ is the proposed solution by designer Marc JuHyun Cha. In his words, “this looks like an art object when it hangs on the wall. It doesn’t look like some ugly machine. It makes your work place more organized.” I rest my case.

I’m Hanging Printer is a 2011 iF concept design entry.

Designer: Marc JuHyun Cha


  • IT Rush says:

    What? is that really a printer?

  • Maryline says:

    I love the concept, and it addresses a real problem.

  • Dave says:

    Yeah but I think the keyboard also got revolutionized during that process…
    BTW nice concept….

  • i wish the ink would print on the outside facing side of the paper… but other than that it looks awesome!

  • WZhangID says:

    “this gonna be a world wide well known Design printer machine. I’m gonna be a great Designer. I will work very hard to be a good designer. thanks to my family and my friends.”

    -Seriously? You people are so full of yourselves, LMAO!

  • anoush says:

    innovation right there. a fresh approach to a product that has barely changed. however, i question the functionality. keep designing 😛

    oh and yeah i know that the pc and keyboard are just there to show context, but it at least should be somewhat accurate. *hinting towards the obvious incorrect layout of the keyboard*.

  • Quintin says:

    The idea of a printer hanging on the wall is quite brilliant.

    I hadn’t seen it before, but some googling shows other concepts for hanging printers.

    I don’t particularly like this design and I don’t think the paper-out ‘drawer’ works very well like this, but I really would like to see a printer I can hang on the wall…

  • Not something I would have thought of, but a really good idea. Not too sure that it looks like a design piece, but there you go! Practicality over design.

  • Mad Med says:

    Very very nice. But what about the power???

  • Teto says:

    really good idea!!!!!but the design…

  • heil34 says:

    love the design XD

  • Heo Sang says:

    It cant print thick paper….

  • SamDS says:

    Did the designer seriously label a part of the printer, “Holding part” wow.

  • Marc.J.Cha says:

    Thanks for all comments.
    Yes. there are still some problems to solve.
    I’ve been working on to upgrade it.
    Thanks for all you guys
    and I’ll post upgrade version as soon as possible.

    thanks again.

  • deadcat says:

    you can just start hanging everything on the wall including the monitor. Think of ways not having to ruin the wall with nails

  • Achim Weber says:

    super great nice print design.
    With my printer cartridges it will print
    Greetings Achim

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