The Power Bank You Never Need To Charge!

While mobiles have seen massive developments, and have grown slimmer and slimmer over time, the one component that contributes a great deal to the phone’s thickness has been none other than the Lithium ion battery. Batteries in general and power banks in particular haven’t really been hit by the “sleek revolution” yet. Power banks are usually brickish and the only way to settle for a slim one is to opt for one with a less powerful battery. OR you could opt for the PocketPower. The PocketPower basically says “Li-ion battery doesn’t fit in your pocket? How about Solar Panels??”. The brilliance of the Pocket Power is that it comes with four solar panels that work endlessly to juice your devices. What’s more is that it directly charges your device using solar power… so you don’t need to charge the power bank first. In fact, you don’t need to charge the power bank at all!

Here’s why solar panels are easily the best choice for device charging on the go. They’re incredibly slim (each panel is just 2mm thick) and flexible, which allows the PocketPower to fit in four solar panels into its lean frame.The entire design is also incredibly light, weighing in at just 200 grams. Okay, so… what if it’s raining outside? Not a problem! The PocketPower’s panels can take on rain, sand, and even snow. All you need is sunlight, regardless of the weather. The foldable design allows you to lay the PocketPower out on any surface and even strap it right to your backpack so you can charge on the go. Using the PocketPower is literally as simple as plugging one end of the cable into the PocketPower and the other into your device. Just place the panels in daylight and you’ve harnessed the magic of solar energy!

The PocketPower just works because it presents itself as a lighter, slimmer, more flexible solution. It doesn’t even need to be charged to work, unlike the power bank you’ve got right now. And hey… unlike Lithium ion batteries that are highly flammable and explosive, the PocketPower is much safer to use too!

Designers: John Gui & Dave Qui

BUY IT HERE: $45.00