This bookshelf designed for a tiny home hides a sleek staircase. Watch the video!

A staircase is one of those essential home furniture that you can’t live with or without them. When we need it, there is no way around it, but they remain an eyesore most of the time. Meet the stair cupboard Villa Roco, an inventive design that blends into your furniture when not in use and has been designed especially for a tiny home!

Tiny home designs are some of our favorite designs, mainly because they have forced designers to look beyond the obvious space-consuming solutions and think literally inside the tiny home box for out-of-the-box solutions! The stair cupboard manages to do the same and beautifully, with super tight-fitting steel sliding stair in a bicolor oak closet that slides out with ease. The staircase also doubles as a temporary storage space for knick-knacks and other items in the bookshelf when not in use. The dark steel staircase creates a strong contrast to the pale wood while matching the industrial-chic vibe of the remaining apartment. Villa Roco was designed to house a generation of one family that can live together and apart in one plot with its intuitive design. Who said an entire family couldn’t live in a smaller space with their privacy intact!

The stairs use steel wheels over a rail to enable the smooth rolling motion without disturbing the cabinet and all the pieces it holds. While I have not relocated my belongings to a tiny home, this solution is applicable across the globe as the world shrinks, homes become smaller, and demands more intuitive solutions!

Designers: Daniel de Bruin and Kokon architects made by Jan Verbaas