De-clutter Your Desk the Designer Way

Let’s de-clutter your desk, shall we? A creative’s workplace is invariably a mess of papers, instruments, electronics, and wires that come with the electronics. Enter the RulerDock, a 3-in-1 tool from the award winning RCube Design Studio, created to work as an effective scale/ruler, as well as a charging and docking stand for your iPhone.

The RulerDock is all about triads. It comes available in three materials too, namely Concrete, and Dark or Light Pine-Wood. Its triangular shape makes it easy to move around (unlike those slim pesky scales that I just can’t seem to lift off my desk unless I use a fingernail). With measurement markings on both sides, the RulerDock can be used either way for measuring, and for drawing straight lines. A groove on one side allows you to maneuver your lightning charging cable inside the scale, having it appear at the top. You can either dock your iPhone vertically (this isn’t a problem, because since the iPhone is docked at 90°, it won’t tip over). The phone can even be docked horizontally on the channel beside the charging outlet. You can even place business cards in the channel instead, giving your workplace a much more professional avatar.

The RulerDock makes a rather handy desk-ruler, keeps your phone at arms length, and manages your cable so it doesn’t get in the way of other items strewn around your desk. Your workplace doesn’t stay as messy as before, and what’s more, you have a Red Dot and iF Design Award winning product on your desk!

Designer: Raft Wong of Rcube Design