Steampunk-inspired lamp designs to add some grunge + cool factor to your living space!

Lamps are one of those handy and essential products we all need in our homes – whether they’re wall-mounted or meant for our desks! But we’ve all pretty much seen our fair share of the usual conventional lamps, and we have about 3-4 of those in our homes. So, we’ve curated a collection of steampunk-inspired, raw and rustic lamp designs to elevate your lighting game! These eccentric and grungy lamp designs are a far cry from the lamps we’ve grown so accustomed to. There’s a unique lamp design here for everyone!

@_designerlight built this extremely steampunk-esque lamp! Metallic chains and copper pipes accentuate this unique handmade desk lamp.

Designed by Yuri Matytsin, this handmade wall-mounted lamp was built using bicycle parts and an Edison bulb!

@_designerlight created this little robotic lamp! The head of the robot functions as the bulb holder. I would love to have this Wally-like lamp on my desk.

TK Weld ( @tkweld ) designed this bow and arrow-inspired lamp! Instead of the arrowhead, the designer placed a little bulb.

Lockwood and Litchfield Customs ( @llcustoms19 ) fitted a bulb into a fire extinguisher creating a super cool grungy lighting structure!

Handy Light designed two hands holding two Edison bulbs, creating intriguing wall-mounted lamps, that would be quirky and artistic additions to any living space!

JB Steel Design designed this circular steampunk lamp, with a flame-shaped bulb placed right in the center of it!

Built from a heavy steel chain, this desk lamp by JB Steel Design almost looks like a microscope! Steampunk meets science in this innovative lamp design.

This vintage industrial piece by Iluminación Medel features a rusty pipe man grilling a metallic marshmallow over a flame-inspired bulb!

A vintage typewriter that also functions as a desk lamp?! It’s the perfect accessory for my desk. Count me in!