Wear your Apple Watch as an armband with this accessory for an improved workout experience!

Apple Watch presents an all-new dimension in health tracking and fitness monitoring. Its health and wellness functionalities are perhaps its unique selling proposition, and the readings are accurate when it’s placed on the wrist. However, fitness bands relocate the Apple Watch from its ideal wrist position, further up in the arm. It looks fancy and all that, but these often compromise the effectiveness of the watch. Coming up with a reworked design of the ActionSleeve, Apple accessory designer Twelve South has released ActionSleeve 2. 

The ActionSleeve 2’s unique design ensures the Apple Watch Series 4 (and later) always remains in constant contact with the body, so there is no discrepancy in tracking parameters on the Fitness app. Most of us would prefer wearing the Apple Watch in its default position and deem the band worthless. In fact, that would be the case until you want to put on a pair of boxing gloves! The ActionSleeve 2 armband is meticulously designed to give people more flexibility to keep using the Apple Watch when an activity or sporting gear may restrict wearing it on the wrist or lead to discomfort. “If you’ve ever changed your Apple Watch band, you already know how ActionSleeve 2 works: 1. remove your current Apple Watch band, 2. push the Apple Watch “body” into the back of ActionSleeve 2 and 3. strap ActionSleeve 2 on, tighten and go. Your screen, crown, and button remain fully accessible and functional.” Twelve South explains.

Made from rugged stitched polyurethane fabric and featuring a reliable Velcro enclosure, the Apple Watch armband snaps just like the typical wristband. Simply remove the usual Apple Watch band and slip the device into the ActionSleeve 2, which with its open-face layout, keeps the watch case projected and leaves the digital crown accessible for you to toggle between apps on the go. The Apple Watch armband is available through Twelve South and Amazon and can be picked up right away for $ $39.99!

Designer: Twelve South

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