This inflatable camping light goes from a lantern to a tube light to get you outdoor ready!

Portable lights come in all shapes and sizes with a plethora of designs. But this one uses air to blow up into a full sized design! Everglow Light Tube by Klymit stands out from the rest for a design that’s both functional and highly useful in a number of situations. Klymit being an outdoor gear company very obviously has tailored this inflatable light for camping and adventure enthusiasts, but I can think of dozen other uses as well!

The inflatable function, you can literally expand the light like a balloon, solves two inherent purposes – diffusing the light so that it doesn’t hurt the eyes and spread easily, and the other is of course the portability aspect. A pocketable design that is ideal for any adventure, or even at home for emergency  use. The flexibility of the form factor permits it to be used as a hanging LED light – stick it to your base camp ceiling to use as a lantern, or attach like a hanging light to the awning. Everglow Light Tube is powered by a USB input – so you can attach it to a power bank or any other USB outlet. There’s a light dimming function to easily go from low light for reading to a blazing light for cooking with a click!

This portable light brings so much to the table – be it your camping adventures, off-road escapades, or the odd hiking trip up the mountains. It’s been designed in a way to add convenience and versatility to how we are accustomed to using portable lights. Simply stuff it in the corner of your backpack, and when the need arises, inflate it to a full-sized tube light to light up your dark nights under the starry skies.

Designer: Klymit

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