This fan-powered face mask wants to make uncomfortable, stuffy N95 masks obsolete

I personally think problem-solving has a two-pronged approach. I’ve written about a whole bunch of masks in the last year and the one piece of feedback I usually get is that “Shouldn’t we just clean the environment instead so we don’t have to wear masks?” It’s a pretty straightforward question – why design masks when we should be cleaning the air we breathe instead? It’s sort of like saying why perform angioplasties when we could just be eating healthier? One solution is long-term, the other is much more immediate and is the need of the hour. I’d like to believe that the world 10 years from now will be less polluted… but we’ll need to make peace with wearing masks up until then. As we work towards that future, Maasc aims at making mask-wearing a little less cumbersome and a little more comfortable.

What sets the Maasc apart from your surgical grade mask or the N95 mask is its patented BreatheEase™ Fan which provides you with a breeze of purified air inside your mask. Unlike most masks that require you to breathe extra hard to pull air through those filters, Maasc does it for you, giving you both filtration and breezy comfort without that familiar stuffy feeling. The fan, which sits right in front of your face, pulls air from the outside and pushes it through the Maasc’s replaceable filter system. Air passes through an activated carbon filter, which removes hazardous Sulphur Oxide and Nitrogen Oxide gases and odors, and subsequently through an FFP3/N99 filter which traps 99% of particles as small as 0.15 microns thick. The Maasc even has a built-in sensor that computes your filter’s life based on the fan speed and your duration of use. As your filter reaches the end of its life, Maasc sends you a smart alert, letting you know it’s time to replace the filter to keep your mask running optimally. The fan, filter, and sensor combined make the Maasc a wearable air-purifier that’s much more superior to the disposable cloth mask which becomes a humid mess on your face within minutes of wearing it.

The Maasc’s hardware sits within a housing that fits comfortably on your face. A stretchable strap goes around your head, with ear-holes that avoid pinching your ear. The face-mask even comes with its own soft, hypoallergenic silicone seal that avoids air-leakage, not only making the mask much safer but also preventing spectacles from fogging! The Maasc’s design creates a one-way airflow, preventing stale air from circulating within the mask. The BreatheEase™ Fan can move as many as 35L of air per minute, generating a breeze within the mask, while exhausts on the bottom of the mask expel the air you breathe out.

Designed to last beyond the pandemic, the Maasc puts industrial-grade tech into a consumer-grade product. Sure, it’ll work in preventing the transmission of germs, but the Maasc is designed for much more than just that. It works at home to prevent dust-allergies while you’re cleaning the house, or even outdoors when the air quality drops below a certain point. Moreover, it’s ideal even for DIY use, industrial workers, and that internal fan ensures you’re never gasping for air, making it perfect while exercising too. Each Maasc comes with removable, replaceable FFP3 N99 filters, and runs on rechargeable replaceable lithium batteries, ensuring months, if not years of constant use. You can choose from a variety of sizes to fit your face perfectly, and even customize your Maasc by mixing and matching colors on the silicone seal and the frame cover!

Designers: Adel Arigue & José Tavares of Maasc

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Maasc – Industrial-grade Mask for Daily Use

The Maasc is a comfortable personal powered air purifying respirator for prolonged hours and daily usage.

When & Where to Wear Maasc

Sanding, sawing, painting, spraying, varnishing release a huge amount of particulate matter and toxic fumes. These pollutants affect your body differently. While small particles can penetrate your circulatory system and organs, substances present in toxic gases can interfere with the dynamic of your body cells. The presence of such elements in the circulatory system provokes a chronic state of inflammation in body tissues.

Maasc has great advantages for these types of work. The silicone seal prevents inward leakages. That means that all the air you are breathing actually goes through the filter. The dedicated exhaust valves, in addition to the seal, prevents glasses and goggles from fogging up. And the BreatheEase™ active fan system pulls air in, making breathing seamless, ideal for works that require physical activity.

Patented BreatheEase Fan System

The patented BreatheEase™ fan system pulls air through a premium quality filter at a rate of 35L/min, constantly providing a supply of fresh filtered air. It is recommended that you use two speeds for when you are walking or practicing moderate exercise and for when you are working more intensively. Maasc has a one-way airflow, which means the entrance and the end exhaustion of the air occurs separately.

– Air is sucked through the pre-filter and filter, eliminating particles and pollutant gases. The filtering surface is large to reduce the air resistance
– Air passes through the fan and is inhaled to ease breathing
– The fresh breeze of the airflow eliminates the nuisance of the exhaled air with excess heat and moisture and keeps expelling it out from the Maasc quickly through the exhaustion valve located on the bottom part. Even when the BreatheEase™ Fan is off the outlet valve safely closes when inhaling to allow you to inhale only filtered air

High Performance Filtration

The electrostatically charged CE FFP3/N99 filter blocks 99% of particles down to 0.15μm. That’s 30 times smaller than a human hair. Additionally, the Activated-carbon pre-filter stops hazardous Sulphur Oxide and Nitrogen Oxide gases, as well as odor, something you usually only find in heavy-duty masks far beyond the price point.

Innovative High Grade Silicone Airtight Seal

The LFGB CE food-grade and hypoallergenic silicone seal avoids leakage of air both inwards and outwards, avoiding the infamous foggy glasses and the ingress of unfiltered air. And more: the soft silicone is cool to the touch and won’t mark your face. It seals surprisingly well even for the “beardy” gentlemen.

Click Here to Buy Now: $72 $160 (55% off). Hurry, only 25/50 left!