This speaker’s form is inspired by the shape of a waveform

Verging on the design of SoundCloud’s logo, the YBE Speaker takes on an organic avatar, with cues from the shape of a bone, to the pulsating movement of equalizer visualizations when music passes through them. The pastel-blue YBE speaker was designed to sit comfortably on any table, facing at an angle that throws music forwards and upwards (perfect for a mantelpiece or a coffee-table), while also being ergonomically perfect for holding in your hand too.

YBE’s speaker layout makes it a sound-pumper, with tweeters on the front, and subwoofers on each side delivering rich balanced audio. The YBE’s controls sit on the front of it, between the equalizer-shaped grille, although you can even control it via your phone or tablet. Head to the back and a flap secures the speaker’s charging and aux input ports.

Designer: Hari Kara