‘Among Us’ inspired night-lamp and digital clock is the most adorable tabletop accessory!

Created as an unofficial piece of merchandise for the breakout success online multiplayer game, Among Us, this digital clock and night-lamp may just be the cutest potential stocking-stuffer of this season! Designed by Kim Min Soo, the Among Us Lamp + Clock wonderfully transforms the adorable astronaut character from the game into a functional desktop clock, with the visor displaying the time of the day. Lift the torso off the character and it reveals a night-lamp underneath, disguised as the astronaut’s corpse with the signature bone protruding out of the waist!

While the product itself is an instant favorite, its choice of functionality is pretty well-planned too! The digital clock on the visor helps you keep track of the time while you do your ‘tasks’ (office work), and the night-lamp underneath is a wonderful way to illuminate your immediate surroundings when someone sabotages your house’s electrical systems. Obviously, I’m referring to power-cuts and not actual electrical sabotage, though I wouldn’t put it past my friends or family to act sus…

The Among Us Lamp + Clock is currently just a conceptual product, but the purpose of this article really is to put this concept into the ether in the hopes that someone with a 3D Printer and an Etsy store will actually begin selling this before Christmas! Next concept, a paper-shredder disguised as an Imposter!

Designer: Kim Min Soo