This low slung electric bike is the perfect mix of sci-fi and retro futurism

Who doesn’t long to take a low-slung sexy bike for a spin – especially if it from some time in the future. Yes, that’s what the Monster in Shell 2 by Shuvoneel Chakraborty exactly is. An electric cruiser bike with the ideal blend of sci-fi and retro-futurism. As Shuvoneel told us, the concept creation is an “ode to geometric and minimal design.” The bobber bike is crafted in such a manner, so as to be taken on long drives on the open freeway. The comfortable saddle of the ride suggests the fact, and it does have a semblance of a plush factor too.

Shuvoneel has created the blueprint for Monster in Shell 2 from the inside out – thus giving it the inherent modularity, utility, and minimalism aspect. He imagines it to be powered by a 100 kW battery with regeneration. This allows to stretch the ride distance massively sans any frequent halts for recharging. The power is transmitted to the wheels through the dual hub motors on the inside of the front and rear wheels. To make sure the riding experience is as smooth as possible, this monster has adaptive suspension and balance assist. Take it for a spin at hair-raising speeds and you won’t have to give in to the subconscious fear since all your feel-good hormones are in overdrive!

The battery, motor, and other core components of the bike are tucked inside the carbon composite shell. The frame is in fact the exoskeleton on this futuristic ride and combined with the geometric design language it creates a lasting impression. Steering of the bike is actuated by the single-sided swingarm which counters the weight of the mono link axle. Monster in Shell 2 has that radical yet charming character, one can’t help but notice. Match that with the modular design and the cutting-edge riding assists, and you’ve got a bobber beast rearing to hit the tarmac.

Designer: Shuvoneel Chakraborty