This modular office solution fuses collaboration with privacy perfect for returning back to work!

As parts of the world slowly open their doors back up to the public, offices are steadily following suit– eager to get back to the ‘old normal.’ As we re-enter office buildings and social hubs of which we haven’t been inside for over a year, many are holding tight onto COVID-19 protocols and mandates to ensure the health and wellness of those inside the building. With this in mind, Mexico City-based NOS Design Studio created Hug, a modular office solution that encourages collaboration, but not without the protective barriers and private working zones born out of necessity during the pandemic.

While the topic of normalcy is moot, this upcoming transition into what some might call a post-COVID world carries with it a fusion of design– the maximum occupancy number might be thrown out the window in some areas, but the plastic barriers might not. NOS Design’s Hug is a modular, collaborative office solution with a cubicle-inspired design that allows for face-to-face interaction and maintains privacy via plastic barriers that surround each module. Each individual module that comprises Hug can be put together to form round cubicles using a relatively simple assembly process. A single Hug cubicle is formed by attaching multi-layered panels to the module’s sofa base by using washers and nuts to connect each piece.

The sofa keeps a power unit in its center that functions as a sort of cornerstone for the rest of the module to assemble. Lumbar support panels and cushioned seats with underlying storage units border the power unit to form the cubicle’s bench. Then, a metallic frame rounds the perimeter of the bench, creating an exterior barrier consisting of privacy screens, as well as wooden and fabric panels. Attached to the bottom of each module, four wheels allow for the cubicles to be moved around office spaces wherever workers see fit. Workers can also configure each individual module into a shape that coincides with their specific collaborative process, allowing for modules to connect and grow with other modules to create new office environments.

Designer: NOS Design

Each Hug module forms a round cubicle, creating private work zones and protective barriers.

Each module can also function as a collaborative working zone.

Four wheels tread the bottom of Hug to allow movement around the office.

Power units function as each module’s cornerstone, forming the rest of the cubicle around them.

Different configurations can transform office spaces into totally new environments.

Each module consists of a sofa bench, wooden and fabric exterior panels, and a metal frame that adds support and stabilizes the panels.

Each component of Hug is put together using a system of nuts and washers.

Lumbar support panels add cushioned support for workers.

Depending on the office, each module can be customized with different exterior panels, such as wooden, fabric, and plastic panels.

Workers can configure Hug according to the collaborative space needed.

A power unit provides a place for workers to charge their phones and carry drinks, while a swinging table provides working space.

Shelving units and cork panels create spaces for workers to store their supplies and get creative with new ideas.

Beneath the benches, plenty of storage space can be found for bulkier items like briefcases and purses.