Essential Staples

Gotto love the Button Stapler for being a simple way of stitching on buttons. More often than not, you end up mending buttons only after you have worn your shirt, only to realize that a button is missing or broken. So instead of getting hassled by mending the button with traditional stitching, just staple one in a jiffy! Very productive if you ask me, especially since I am so lazy to stitch!

Button Stapler is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designer: Jo Yeon-Jin


  • AM says:

    I like the idea

  • barb chait says:

    by the time you do all of the above, you could have
    sewn the dang button on with a needle. the french
    carry needle and thread in an “etui”. just a pouch
    wth essential needs for sewing.

  • Gus May says:

    You’re right. I’m not sure this is a real product or a troll. I can’t see the final result. I wonder if you can drink it as long it is “potable”. About the etui, One just need to keep a needle a pair of buttons, and some thread on a drawer at you workstation. And by the way, who would let children unsupervised with buttons – there’s some attraction to put them in their mouth.

  • …and the thread is fastened… by magic?

  • Bill says:

    Maybe not really for residential use, but extremely helpful for small businesses

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