World’s only weather-proof jacket that’s made out of 100% merino wool

Yes, I’m just as baffled as you probably are. Wool isn’t the hardiest textile. Yes, it provides warmth, but you can’t wear a woolen sweater out in a blizzard or the rain. Even indoors, wool requires loads of care, from carefully selecting the water temperature and detergent-type while doing a wash, to just being wary around pets that could possibly get their nails into the wool’s weaving and unravel your expensive clothes… which is why the NatureDry Jacket’s claim stands out as interesting and innovative. The NatureDry is an all-weather jacket that can be worn outdoors in the toughest of climates. It keeps you warm and dry while repelling water, wind, and dust… but more importantly, it isn’t made from any synthetic materials. The NatureDry Jacket is 100% wool.

The secret behind the NatureDry Jacket’s innovative claim lies in its material. Made from a special grade of Merino Wool, the NatureDry’s fabric comes with a tight-weave-pattern that blocks wind and repels water. The result is a fabric that’s natural, yet as hardy and durable as a synthetic one… after all, why wear Nylon or Polyester when a natural material does a better job, right? It’s worth pointing out that wool is flame-retardant too, unlike most synthetic fabrics.

The NatureDry Jacket comes built for the outdoors, be it the woods or the urban jungle. Available in two styles, the Outdoor and the Urban (and in a Trenchcoat style for women), the NatureDry jacket has you quite literally covered no matter where you go. Aside from its obvious weather-proof features, the jacket comes with waterproof Merino-lined pockets on the outside as well as the inside. The Outdoor variant sports an adjustable hoodie to combat rainstorms, while the Urban opts for a more street-friendly style with a raised collar. Available across various sizes, the jackets come in three colors that perfectly balance the outdoor and urban palettes. Whether you’re among trees or humans (standing 6 feet apart of course), the NatureDry Jacket allows you to blend right in while looking sharp… besides, the innovative Merino Wool fabric keeps you warm and dry at all times – something your woolen sweater wishes it could do. And hey, it’s machine-washable and eco-friendly too – something your synthetic outdoor windbreaker jacket wishes it could be.

Designer: Woolly Clothing

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NatureDry Jacket – Performance without Plastic

The NatureDry is a 100% merino wool all-weather jacket. All-weather performance without the plastic. 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainably produced.

Two Classic Men’s Designs

The NatureDry Jacket comes in two styles: The OUTDOOR and The URBAN.


Designed with a hood and gear pockets for the rugged outdoors.


A streamlined design for city living and travel.

Colors and Construction

Black, Charcoal and Grey.

NatureDry Construction

A super-tight creates an all-weather outer layer, which is made from 100% Merino by Woolmark.

Water Shedding

Repels water without any chemical finish or plastic coating.

Wind Proof

Stops wind in its tracks.

Highly Durable

Built to withstand the rigors of an active life.

Machine Washable

Why Choose Wool Over Synthetics

Plastic Pollutes. Why recycle plastic when you don’t have to use it at all.

The NatureDry Women’s Active Trench

Extra Length and Women’s Specific Sizing.

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $299 ($100 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $370,000.