This multipurpose shelf holds any object in place using its clothes-peg inspired design detail

The idea for the Parachute Wall Shelf came to designer Yusuke Watanabe, funnily enough, as he was listening to Coldplay’s first album titled “Parachutes”. Derived from the Italian word “parare” (to protect) and the French “chute” (to fall), this award-winning universal shelf holds anything in place! Its clever design is influenced by how clothes-pegs secure objects on a clothesline by clipping onto them. The multiple pegs or planks on the Parachute Wall Shelf hold your objects in place by gently ‘clipping’ them to the wall.

Made from colored sheet-metal stripes that almost look like a parachute’s cloth with their wavy design, the Parachute Wall Shelf looks like abstract art when not in use. It sits flat against the wall (unlike most shelves with cantilever forwards), looking like framed art until you tip one of the ‘pegs’ forward and use it to store objects or to even hang items of clothing like your coat, scarf, or hat.

The Parachute Wall Shelf is a Gold Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2021.

Designer: Yusuke Watanabe