This sleek kick scooter turns into a mini bike for flexible commuting needs

The need for flexible urban mobility is becoming ever so important given the pace at which traffic congestion is escalating despite all the best efforts. Public modes of transport are at their saturation and mindful personal commuter like bicycles are also proving to be space churners.

Compact scooters aim to fill the gap left by other means of transportation with practicality. Beam smart mobility solution is a perfect example as it combines the fun element of a scooter and the reassurance of a bicycle by customizing it to the requirements.

Designer: Bhavya Upadhyay and Devam Jangra

This convertible electric scooter morphs into a mini bicycle in the blink of an eye which is its USP. This foldable single-person commuter is primarily designed for urban scenarios given its compact nature. Beam is loaded with all the necessary tech to make one go around the city limits or even down the dirt trails without any safety issues that can come up due to diminished visibility to other motorists. For the latter, the scooter cum bike has a bright headlight array and equally well-lit brake lights. For the design enthusiasts, the front of the bike sports a very Dyson-fan inspired aesthetic!

The ride is fitted with the highest-grade brakes and a robust handlebar for durability. The e-ink screen in the middle displays navigation details, while two small e-ink displays display real-time data including current speed, battery levels, drive mode and headlight status. User-centric features include a Bluetooth wireless camp speaker under the saddle, a built-in camera that doubles as a Gear Guard security camera, a detachable fog light on the front that doubles as a flashlight for camping trips, and a concealed toolkit.

Beam kick scooter with its multitude of use-case scenarios is high on practical urbanity and the looks follow suite. Perhaps the ideal ride for stylist Gen-Z who don’t compromise on anything.