The Marilyn Monroe of Speaker Design


I digress. I can get overly passionate about anything audio, going on, ranting and raving about how awesome it may be. Now when speakers like the Pavilion Wireless Speakers come along, I really can’t contain myself. I’ve seen tonnes of speaker designs, but nothing like the Pavilion. The Pavilion is truly the Marilyn Monroe of speakers, with the way it reveals the inner copper coil around the middle, as if the speaker’s skirt is being blown up!

The exposed concrete is a brilliant call from an aesthetic standpoint, not many people think of concrete as a material with inherent beauty. The black top has a machined wooden control panel resting atop it, but the cherry on the cake is actually in the middle, where you get just this glimpse of the shiny copper tube that coils around the central pillar, amplifying the bass, giving the Pavilion not just its iconic look, but booming audio. A capacitive touch surface on the wooden panel is refreshing and adds the perfect punctuation to the design. Together, the speaker easily stands out for the amazing way in which it showcases all the materials used, from concrete, to metal, to plastic, fabric, and even wood! Complete Audiogasm!

Designer: Hult Design