This detailed desk design provides privacy while you work, and we wish IKEA got inspired by it!

Ever since work from home became the new norm, I’ve truly been realizing the importance of a great home office! Our home office should possess a nurturing environment that amps up our productivity and efficiency. And one very important element of such an environment is our desk! A good desk helps us work comfortably and effectively. Not only should our desks be clean, but they should also sport an ergonomic design! The Ash Desk by Pavel Vetrov is one such prime example.

Inspired by a visit to a library, Vetrov wanted to design a desk that embodies a modern workplace but also manages to provide privacy – a desk that invites you into your own little world, where your work is at the forefront, and you are completely focused on it. By adding a tissue partition to Ash, Vetrov was able to accomplish this. He was successful in creating “a special atmosphere of isolation”. The center of the tabletop features a cable hole, so cords and cables can be easily stored, without interfering with your work routine. There is also a little hidden compartment below the tabletop, wherein you can easily store your office accessories, documents, files, and other miscellaneous items. When it comes to aesthetics, Ash has an extremely warm and organic feel. Soft lines and dark colors allow it to seamlessly integrate with the interiors of your workspace. The neutral tone of brown used ensures that it doesn’t clash with any other piece of furniture in your home office.

Ash is a sophisticated and delicate piece of furniture that not only rates high on aesthetics but on functionality as well. It’s the kind of desk that will instantly make you feel at ease and allow you to dive headfirst into your work. It provides privacy, and functions as a personal cubicle of your own, no matter where you place it. Vetrov’s Ash is attention-grabbing, but definitely not loud! It just feels right.

Designer: Pavel Vetrov for Zegen Furniture