True Utility’s single piece stainless steel pocket knife doubles as money clip!

Pocket knives, especially from Victorinox or Leatherman’s likes, are made to do many things from a single unit. The Clipster shares this league, but it’s fashioned to do just what you want from the pocket knife – to cut through a range of things and clip onto the pants for storage convenience. The True Utility Clipster pocket knife can do the little chores a pocket knife can and then fit right into the pocket or bag when the task’s done. Some pocket knives come equipped with survival tools; however, the Clipster made from a single piece of high-grade 420 stainless steel features a clip-on design that can either be used to attach the knife to the belt or as a money clip while on the go.

True Utility manufactures pocket tools such as the Clipster to “provide a practical solution to everyday problems.” These are made in the UK with particular attention to quality and efficacy. This elegant foldable knife is efficient in cutting through packaging, chipping wires, or slicing through edibles. On the other hand, the wiggle-less design of the blade means it can help tinker with screws, slice wood, or a few other odd tasks you throw at it in the outdoors. The Clipster is pretty compact for its ability. It measures almost 5-inches long and is just 6.35mm thick. Interestingly, the form factor folds down to under 3-inches when folded. The total weight of the knife is only 0.1 lbs, and it’s a super-sharp folding knife right out of the box. The stylish body of the Clipster ensures a quick-release mechanism of the blade using a fingernail grip. The blade swivels out full 180-degrees before locking into position.

The knife features a secure blade lock to stay put in the open position (irrespective of the pressure applied while cutting or slicing). One simple downside is that you’ll have to keep the knife in the pocket (clipping to the belt may not be an option). The light-duty Clipster would also require you to remove the cash before opening the blade since the clip is on the working side of the knife. Nonetheless, it’s an elegant, affordable, and effective pocket knife for a host of applications.

Designer: True Utility

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