This ‘chameleon’ backpack with modular fascia can ‘shapeshift’ to suit your various needs

If Arya Stark were a backpack, she would probably be the What Pack. Obscure reference? Sure, but it drives home the point I’m trying to make. The What Pack isn’t one backpack… It’s multiple bag-styles built around a backpack’s framework. Featuring a modular setup that lets you replace the backpack’s face to change its visual appeal as well as its function, the What Pack is quite literally the ‘Bag with Many Faces’.

While the swappable face system is What Pack’s most standout feature, it sits on a very reliable base that’s designed to accommodate all your belongings perfectly. The base is a spacious 14L compartment, built to stash all your belongings securely and in dedicated spaces on both the inside and outside. A padded neoprene sleeve fits laptops as large as 16 inches, while additional pockets and pouches let you carry notebooks, A4 folders, tablets, stationery, and other small belongings. Pockets on the outside let you carry items like bottles and umbrellas, while discretely positioned pouches on the base and back let you secure more high-value belongings like cash and cards. The large inner compartment is perfect for everything from clothes to gear, and extension straps help hold all your stuff in place while compressing them to save up on storage space. The base interfaces with the swappable lids using a clamshell opening (which also makes it easy to access your bag’s belongings without having to rummage around) that lets you zip out one lid for another. What Pack’s Monochrome Series features four lid styles that alternate between four different scenarios – Casual, Work, Active, and Travel, covering practically all the bases, and giving you one backpack that carefully considers all your needs.

The four different faces solve their individual purposes with sheer attention to detail. While the Casual face gives your backpack a discreet, no-nonsense appearance, the Work face allows you to carry more, with separate compartments for your work essentials. The Active face is much more suited for trips to the gym, featuring a mesh pouch on the outside for airing out your gym clothes or shoes, while the Travel face gives your backpack an extra 3 liters of storage, bringing the total up to 17L. The swappable faces are also complemented by a swappable strap system, allowing you to choose between minimal Chic Shoulder Straps, or Utility Shoulder Straps with loops to secure your EDC or hang items. The bag even comes with built-in handles on the top, side, and even the bottom, allowing you to carry it any way you see fit, along with a convertible luggage sleeve that lets you strap the What Pack to your travel case while you’re dashing through the airport.

While the versatility feature is built right into the bag’s design-brief, its durable construction helps it be the versatile backpack you need for everything between work, play, and travel (whether it’s to the outdoors or via flight/transit). The body of the What Pack is made from water-resistant 900D Polyester PU, with an X-Pac VX21 base for added durability and wear-resistance. Water-resistant SBS zippers keep your belongings protected from the elements, and Duraflex hardware ensures your bag’s parts last much longer than the ones found on traditional backpacks. Plus, if you want to know more about how your bag’s built, its details, materials, care-instructions, or updates from the baker, a serialized NFC-chip built into the bag’s top lets you easily tap to access additional information about the What Pack on your NFC-ready smartphone. It also serves as a virtual authenticity-certificate, letting you know that the What-Pack you own is unique and original… even though it has multiple faces and identities!

Designers: Edwin Tay, Christopher Ong, Lim Yian Lu & Ivy Huang of Seventy One Studios

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What Pack – The Modular Bag with Multiple Faces

What Pack is a modular backpack that eliminates the need for multiple bags for everyday use, work, recreational activities or even light traveling. From the dreamers and travelers to the hustlers and daily grinders, the interchangeable styles are fine-tuned for the ultimate urban lifestyle.

Called Pack Face – an interchangeable front piece of the backpack. This smart piece creates the freedom to shift, change and explore as you swap between occasions, streamlining your lifestyle. The collection comprises four purpose-built Pack Faces: Casual Face, Work Face, Active Face and Travel Face.

Casual Face – Ideal for Every Other Day

Great for daily commute, leisure and urban downtime. Compact features for on-the-go, perfect for the weekend and simple pleasures.

Work Face – Separate Compartment for your Work Essentials

Sleek with thoughtful organization. Clean aesthetics with business in mind, perfect for the everyday hustle.

Active Face – Dedicated “Air Zone”

Dynamic and practical, perfect for those with a zest for life and energy to move. Dedicated “air zone” for sports gears, employ the extension straps to the exterior for additional items.

Travel Face – Bigger Volume for More Stuff

Simple portable features that make exploring easy and efficient with an additional three litres of volume for a comfortable journey.

Interchangeable Shoulder Straps

Choose from two options: The Chic Shoulder Strap is clean and sleek, while the Utility Shoulder Strap is functional and robust with molle-compliant attachment points.

Inside the Main Chamber

The main compartment consists of one neoprene laptop slot that can fit up to a 16″ MacBook Pro, one document slot that holds A4 papers, one zip pocket that is able to fit an A5 notebook, and two elastic mesh pockets that will fit smaller items such as a mouse, power bank, wet wipes or hand sanitizer.

Lined with a smooth fleece material, you can attach velcro accessories for further customization. There are also six loops (three on each side) that run along the sides of the back panel. These loops work with the extension straps (standard item) to secure loose items when needed.

Serialized NFC Identification Chip

What Pack comes with a serialized NFC identification chip. Using an NFC-enabled smart device, you will be able to check product authenticity, retrieve product information and updates, as well as care instructions.

Other Features

Multi-purpose Strap — Use it as a waist strap when carrying a heavier load or use it as a jacket or scarf strap.

Click Here to Buy Now: $209 $270 (22% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!