Anthropologie’s reusable cutlery nest into each other to become an easy-to-carry bundle

There are a combination of reasons why people just prefer disposable cutlery over carrying their own… probably the biggest of them is the fact that the flatware we use at home isn’t designed for travel. Sustainability’s biggest barrier is that it isn’t always the most convenient of solutions – although that’s where some good old-fashioned design thinking and problem-solving kick in. Anthropologie’s Reusable Travel Flatware makes it easy to have all your cutlery together with you wherever you travel. With a neat nesting design, the three-piece set becomes a singular bundle that slides right into your travel bag or backpack, making it easy to carry on that camping trip, or even to work where you can bust it out during your lunch-break.

Made from 100% recyclable and sustainable polyamide thermoplastic that’s manufactured using renewable resources, the Reusable Travel Flatware champions convenience over everything else. Their clever design makes them easy to carry around as a set, and unlike other travel cultery, they don’t compromise on shape/size/comfort to be portable.

Designer: Anthropologie

Each travel flatware set isn’t just designed to be reusable, it’s manufactured out of recyclable plastic too, which means that after years of use, you can safely dispose of it without worrying about generating waste. Providing a much more sustainable alternative to single-use disposable cutlery, one set of Anthropologie’s Reusable Travel Flatware replaces 250 disposable cutlery sets per year, greatly helping to reduce your carbon footprint.