These iPhone wallpapers automatically change to reflect your phone’s battery level!

Using a clever technique hidden within Apple Shortcuts, Ben Vessey’s dynamic wallpapers for the Apple iPhone have the quirky ability to reflect your phone’s battery level. For now, the wallpapers have three stages – Full Battery, Low Battery, and Charging.

You may remember Vessey’s work from a while ago when he debuted the retro iOS icon collection that turned your state-of-the-art smartphone into the ultimate Apple throwback machine. Having worked with Shortcuts before, Vessey’s latest experiment turns your wallpaper into a massive battery indicator. With beautifully designed artworks, these wallpapers alter as the battery level changes, telling you when it’s time to juice up.

The Dynamo packs (which are available on Vessey’s website for £3.99) come in two styles with 3 wallpapers each – one containing Apple-inspired artwork, and another with quirky cartoon faces. You can easily install them using Apple Shortcuts (no jailbreak required) on iPhones 6S and beyond. Once installed, the dynamic wallpapers aren’t just about being a quirky little easter-egg… they even help you know when to plug your charger in and when not to. The low-battery wallpaper kicks in when your battery’s at 20%, reminding you that it’s a good time to charge. Now if only there was a dynamic wallpaper that helped me know whether I’m connected to a WiFi network or whether my phone’s running on carrier data!

Designer: Ben Vessey

Click Here to Buy Now – £3.99 ($5.54)

Click Here to Buy Now – £3.99 ($5.54)