Japanese artist Tanaka Tatsuya twists everyday products in these Star Wars-inspired miniature setups!

May the fourth is the official day we get to unleash our inner geek squad – be it our figurines, shirts, or any of the gazillion collectibles Star Wars has launched over the years, it’s a day to bring your geek out and be proud! Most of us will do this by bringing out our favorite character (baby Yoda ears on their dog anyone?), but we have someone here who is sure to inspire you. Meet Tanaka Tatsuya, a Japanese artist who takes the entire collectibles setup to a whole new level with his elaborate scene recreations that feature prominent scenes from the series. From simple yet humble eggshells to using a marker, Tanaka-san’s ability to see things from a different perspective makes this entire collection a delight that will leave you in awe. May the force be with you and keep your shields up as we battle this pandemic. Happy Star Wars Day from everyone at Yanko Design!

Pixar’s Toy Story is one of my favorite movies ever for the sheer idea that appealed to everyone across the ages – our toys coming to life and ruling our place! This scene by Tanaka-san brings to mind the same atmosphere, where the bag opens up at night to unveil the heroic, light-saber-filled fight. Don’t miss out on R2D2 crawling out to influence the fight! The next time you open your bag, do keep a look for spare toys that wandered in during the night!

An action-packed sequence unfolds over the closely packed keyboard keys, who watch in tense silence, as the X-wing gets a furious chase! Afterall is there even a story if there are no spectators to watch it? The retro keycaps bring to mind a concrete cityscape that rises above the planet keyboard.

X-Wing fighter gets a creative outlook with this paper binder clip! Repair this ship and get ready as the galaxy awaits for you to step up and unleash the force!

Is that a stormtrooper lost in the sea of broccoli? Will they find a way out, or will they come across a Jedi – only Tanaka-san can tell us about it!

Lightsabers are so passe, especially compared to Pocky! Japan’s iconic snack is a biscuit stick covered with a unique coating. Starting with the basic chocolate to the adventurous almond crunch, there is a pocky here for every mood!

Things are sure to get heated up when Obi-wan faces off with Luke across the scorching barbeque plains!

A humble comb gets a new life as the desert backdrop with a Luke flying Lanspeeder across the teeth dunes!

Taking Toy Story to the next level, Darth Vader and his cronies step out of your laptop to attack you!

The adorable Baby Yoda/Grogu who swept us off our feet is back, this time in an even more adorable pistachio shell asking the Mandalorian for a helping hand.