This “Nest Security Camera” for birds lets you bird-watch right from inside your house!

Ask any wildlife photographer and they’ll tell you that the most important thing you need isn’t a fancy camera or camouflaging gear… it’s patience. You need sheer patience to be able to sit in one spot and wait for the animal to come to you, to linger around, to not be shifty, and to get captured in the perfect moment after MULTIPLE tries. Of course, having a fancy camera helps, so you can capture images quickly, in high-resolution, and from a safe distance; along with camouflage, so you don’t accidentally scare the wildlife away in your pursuit for the perfect photo. Funnily enough, and much to the chagrin of wildlife-watching purists, all three of those things I mentioned above are replaceable by technology. Just the way a home-security camera patiently waits during the day, coming to life when someone rings the door or tries to break in, the Bird Buddy uses a camera, AI, and birdseed to lure and photograph birds visiting your patio, alerting you when they drop by.

Mention the words camera, tracking, and surveillance and it gives off a very Black Mirror vibe. However, add birds to the mix and you’ve got a product that’s less creepy and more delightful! The Bird Buddy is an AI-powered bird feeder that captures videos of the birds that make it to your garden or porch, streaming their faces directly to your phone with a notification instantly when they show up. A camera located right in front of the feeder captures birds from a vantage point that’s as close as it can possibly get, making it look almost like you’re Facetiming with the birds as they eat! The Bird Buddy’s AI even identifies them for you, keeping a record of all the birds that visit, along with their, well, mugshots… so even if you don’t make it to your porch with the DSLR and telephoto lens in time, you’ve still got a pretty crisp close-up photo of your feathered friend to share with others!

The Bird Buddy is a weather-proof feeder that lets you fill its inner compartment with birdseed, attracting birds from nearby for a quick drive-thru meal. However, like most drive-thrus, the Bird Buddy comes with a camera and microphone to make the process a whole lot more convenient. The camera, designed as a wireless, modular attachment, can be added to the feeder with a simple, satisfying snap… turning it into a smart one. It automatically switches on when a bird lands on the feeder for a quick meal. Video is instantly shared to your phone, and the Bird Buddy app uses AI to identify the species in real-time, taking the guess-work out of bird-gazing. The vast AI library can identify even rare species, so you don’t need to flip through books or encyclopedias, and the Bird Buddy’s built-in microphone can even identify birds by their call! You can either capture images of the bird from this one-of-a-kind face-to-face perspective, or use the Bird Buddy as a way to alert you when a bird visits, so you can capture it with your fancy DSLR.

The Bird Buddy comes with a modular design, allowing you to snap the camera attachment off and take it indoors for charging (leaving the bird tray outside); you can even attach a solar-panel to the feeder, so you never need to recharge your camera. As far as mounts go, the Bird Buddy comes with the standard pole-mount for gardens, but you can even add a wall-mount or a fence-mount for $15 each to your pledge. If you live in a particularly cold or remote area, the Bird Buddy even sports a suet-ball add-on, allowing you to give your birds an extra side of carbs and fat to keep them warm and energetic! The Bird Buddy is entirely wireless, so you can easily add it anywhere in your backyard, or even carry it to different locations. Its AI gets better with time, as the camera captures images and creates a database that helps it identify birds better, and helps contribute towards creating a valuable database of migration patterns and population densities that will help experts better understand and protect them. I wonder if anyone asked the birds for their consent, though…!

Designer: Kyle Buzzard of Bird Buddy

Click Here to Buy Now: $179 $229 ($50 off). Hurry, for a limited time only! Raised over $3,500,000.

Bird Buddy: A Smart Bird Feeder

The Bird Buddy is a smart bird feeder that notifies you of feathered visitors, takes their photos, and organizes them in a beautiful collection to admire and easily share.

The app unlocks new species when they visit your home!

What Makes It Smart

Equipped with artificial intelligence, it recognizes over 1,000 bird species. Even that rare one you’ve always  wondered about.

With a built-in microphone, your Bird Buddy doesn’t even need to see the bird – it already knows which bird is approaching when it hears it sing.

Made to Last

Built with sustainability in mind, Bird Buddy features a detachable and upgradable module.

Easy Refill

Sample Photos

Click Here to Buy Now: $179 $229 ($50 off). Hurry, for a limited time only! Raised over $3,500,000.