This home office desk comes with hidden storage systems to keep your desk setup organized!

If we’re not careful, desks can quickly turn into pileup zones of scrap paper, binders, books, and stationery. Speaking from experience, without enough storage space, all of our work-related paraphernalia might end up in disorganized, scattered jumbles of mess. Designed specifically to declutter desktops and streamline the workday through integrated storage systems, the Omni Desk from Husarska Studio features hinged apparatuses and storage modules.

The designers behind Omni wanted to create a desk that could fit into any office space and provide enough storage options to keep the top of the desk free of mess. With rounded oak legs and additional wood accents, Omni is minimal and sophisticated by design, sporting an optic white desktop surface. The results of a social media survey given by Husarska Studio revealed that most desk users prefer desks with integrated storage that can open and close like a cabinet. Sure to weave lockable storage options into the desk, the makers behind Omni looked to hinged cabinets to store devices’ power supplies and wires, as well as users’ work-related material.

Traced along the desk’s topmost side, a hinged cabinet opens up to reveal stored-away cords and power strips for workdays that call for a laptop. Box modules also fill out Omni so users can still keep their work material hidden from view, but the module’s lids can lift, and inside, users can store smaller items like stationery. Placed on the right-hand side of Omni, the location of the pull-out drawer was specifically chosen to remain out of the way when users are working at their desks. A wooden stationery holder also helps organize pens, pencils, Post-it Notes, and other items that could remain at the ready for use during the workday.

Designer: Husarska Studio

Omni keeps a sophisticated and minimal design to fit into any office space.

Box modules punctuate Omni’s desktop to reveal hidden storage options.

A stationery holder can keep loose writing tools and smaller work-related paraphernalia.

The pull-out drawer is located just to the right of the user to stay out of the way.

Hinged cabinets can pop up to reveal more storage options and hide bulkier items like power strips and cord tangles.