This prefabricated cabin with customization for remote working is a must have home office to survive 2021!

Working from home has forced many of us to rethink our workspaces. While some of us are dying to be back in the office, the rest of us are looking forward to a future home office renovation. Either way, the era of COVID-19 has brought forth some creative home office solutions that might outlast any future mandate. Adding their prefabricated home office design to mix, My Home Office is a standalone workspace situated anywhere with a paved surface for remote, isolated working.

Initially, My Home Office was designed and created by Cosmas Bronsgeest to have a workspace stationed in his family’s yard that could remain a place where he could retreat for quiet and concentration amidst all the chaos of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. The all-season prefab office is clad with FSC-certified larch wood and stands fully insulated with an RC value of 5.4. As currently designed, My Home Office features one larger model that comes equipped with everything from a fold-out bed to a sit-and-stand desk and a smaller model that comes complete with a fixed desk and outdoor lamp.

From the outside, the cabin’s natural look warms up the yard, and the fully glazed windows offer a peek of what’s inside. The sharp triangular frame borders floor-to-ceiling windows that merge the surrounding yard with the office’s working space for a workday spent close to nature. Inside, owners can work at the unit’s fixed desk, or choose to tack on an additional working desk, fold-out bed, or even a shower and toilet attachment. Depending on your own needs, each unit can be customized as the owner sees fit.

In most cases, due to the prefabricated office’s small size, owners will not need a permit for placement in their yard. Built with a plug-and-play design, once My Home Office is anchored to the ground, owners can power up the cabin by plugging in the supplied power adapter through the cabin’s wall-mounted 240V, weatherproof IP44 socket. And just like that, a new home office awaits.

Designer: My Home Office x Cosmas Bronsgeest

With an attached garden space, My Home Office can be placed in your garden and help it grow.

Inside, a fixed stand-or-sit desk is made available for the workday.

With fully glazed windows, the workday always feels close to nature.

As currently designed, My Home Office features two different models: one larger and one smaller.

Each unit also comes equipped with LED overhead lamps so you can work into the night.

Owners have the choice of adding in more furniture like beds or supplementary desks according to their needs.

My Home Office operates using a plug-and-play method. Simply plug in My Home Office and get to work.

FSC-certified Siberian larch panels line the exterior of My Home Office, providing an external lifespan of 15 years.