Polaroid’s latest instant camera is the same classic analog we love, only pocket-sized!

For as long as we’ve been posting photos online, we’ve been glancing back at the sepia-toned, washed-out moments of the past for inspiration. The 1960s provide an endless supply of grid inspo for today’s creative youth, so it’s no wonder we all want to get our hands on the relics of yesterday’s cameras like those from Polaroid. This influx of young creatives purchasing vintage cameras has given way to some rebranding and new launches, particularly Polaroid’s new instant analog camera, Polaroid Go, the smallest of its kind.

Polaroid Go boasts itself as the world’s smallest instant analog camera, offering the same classic Polaroid frames, only smaller. Similar to Polaroid’s previous analog cameras, the Polaroid Go is compact and wearable with a detachable shoulder strap. The team behind Polaroid Go also notes that the instant analog camera is pocket-size for optimal portability, cutting the Polaroid Original-sized prints in half. Oskar Smolokowski, chairman of the board at Polaroid says, “You can put this in your pocket and have fun with it, all the objects in our life got smaller until the smartphone fit in our pocket, but it’s the same iconic photograph, just smaller.”

Dubbing it the ‘pocket-size creative companion,’ the Polaroid Go ushers in the brand’s first new film format since 1999. Outfitting the new camera with selfie features, a self-timer, and a simple double exposure function, the Polaroid Go certainly fits the bill for today’s photographic needs. Currently only available for preorder, the Polaroid Go offers an exciting reinterpretation of the Polaroid’s beloved analogs, Smolokowski goes on, “The Go follows that lineage but it’s a smaller size—it’s the smallest instant analog camera ever made.”

Designer: Polaroid

The Polaroid Go maintains the same inner mechanisms of older Polaroid models, with instant film advancement slides.

Just like older Polaroid models, the Go is simple by design and easy to use.

The Polaroid Go lets you take photos with spontaneity and ease, shooting out frames half the size of Polaroid Original film.

With integrated selfie capabilities and a self-timer, the Polaroid Go is ideal for today’s creative youth.

The Polaroid Go additionally offers a simple double exposure feature that can be applied with any shot.

With such a compact size, the Polaroid Go can be taken anywhere.