This should make washing dishes fun!


The Foldish (a portmanteau of the words fold and dish) is a collapsible dish holder that can go from a seemingly spherical shape to a linear arrangement, allowing you to arrange dishes with space in between so that they don’t clatter against one another. It’s a rather simple and playful alternative to most dish racks that are just boring rectangular wire-frames that hold your crockery. When closed, the Foldish takes up a nice, compact spherical shape (thanks to the wire structures that give it a globular appearance), but it’s a rather engaging and hypnotic experience to slide the Foldish open, turning it into a linear setup into which you can place your dishes. It makes for a rather interesting presentation if your dishes have patterns or designs on them, as they now arrange themselves in a manner that beautifully displays them like you would in your display cabinets!

The Foldish is a Silver Winner of the K-Design Award for the year 2017.

Designer: Youn Hoyoung