This wearable furniture offers complete privacy in public spaces, and a safe space in crowds!

Privacy and keeping distance from others has become a norm in current pandemic hit times – but is this wearable furniture a solution you would be bold enough to experiment with – be it at your home or in public spaces? Designed by Yang Zhao, the odd-looking origami-inspired contraption dubbed ‘SharkMan’ is only for the bold ones to actually use in a shopping mall or maybe at the beach. It is still worth the experiment at home since it cocoons you in complete privacy, although you might look a little funny.

The deformable soft furniture morphs into several different configurations based on your needs for a “me space” when things get too distracting. Whether you are reading a book, working on your laptop, or simply want to take a quick nap – the SharkMan is an odd-looking solution that makes the cut. You can use it while standing, sitting, or even lying down – as three of these configurations don’t reveal your face to the world – so you don’t have to worry about the embarrassing part of using SharkMan in public.

That said, these configurations of the wearable furniture are not recommended for claustrophobic people (not that I’m recommending it to others too) as it might get a bit too encapsulated for comfort.

Designer: Yang Zhao

Zip-it up or carry around with you to have your own ultra-private space when things get too distracting at home or in your work environment.

You can use it while sitting – for example, while reading a book or working on an urgent assignment with all the visual distractions blurred out.

Yes, the namesake SharkMan comes from the shark-like form factor of this wearable furniture that’ll make everyone have at least a glance.

You can even work on your laptop while standing or carry stuff in your cocoon if you don’t mind the unwanted laughs or giggles from the critical passersby.