This EDC thermometer is small enough to be carried with you wherever you go

I don’t own a thermometer. I know I should, but somehow it hurts my pride because I’d rather just not get sick instead. Here’s what hurt my pride even more, though… I tested positive last week, and I was sick for 2-3 days before my test but I never had a thermometer around me to check. On any given year, the idea of a portable thermometer would sound like prepper-behavior, but in 2021 it seems like a portable thermometer is a perfect product to have around you at home or on your person… sort of like a bottle-opener.

You know how you feel like an absolute caveman in a house without a bottle-opener? You’re constantly looking for counters with edges to pop your bottle against, or worse, you try opening the bottle with your teeth, risking chipping them because you refuse to own a metal apparatus that opens bottles. Today, it’s rather easy to carry a bottle-opener around with you… some of them are even small enough to fit on your keychain. That’s sort of the approach that TEMPMi takes towards thermometers too. The TEMPMi isn’t a bulky gun-shaped thermometer or a fragile mercury-filled glass thermometer. It’s a tiny, battery-sized device that weighs a mere 8 grams (as much as a key) and is designed to be the kind of thermometer you carry around with you as EDC. It uses a thermopile and infrared sensor to accurately gauge temperatures without contact, working just like a contactless thermometer-gun would, but at a mere fraction of the size.

The TEMPMi’s compact size isn’t just another feature, it actually allows the device to be smart too. It comes without a battery or display, and operates by plugging into your smartphone. This enables the TEMPMi device to record your readings for you, turning the thermometer into a smart one. All temperature readings are displayed on your smartphone screen in a legible font, and in the unit of your choice. Readings are recorded within the app, allowing you to scan back and look at readings by time and date (a feature that lets you really keep track of your symptoms too). Just plug the device into the charging port on your smartphone (iOS or Android) and you’ve got yourself a smart-thermometer on your hands. The TEMPMi reads temperatures from distances of up to 1.6-inches, and its medical benefits aside, you could even use it in the kitchen to measure your oven temperature, gauge how hot your frying oil is, or how cold your beer is. Each TEMPMi comes with a keyring that lets you easily attach it to your keychain or suspend it on your bag. Measuring a little over 2-inches in length, the TEMPMi can easily fit into pockets too, making it a great (and pretty valuable) addition to your EDC!

Designer: Lucas

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TEMPMi – The World’s Smallest Tritium Keychain Thermometer

The TEMPMi is a tiny portable contactless thermometer that you can carry around with you anywhere.

Contactless Measurement

TEMPMi Scans body temperature with a fast, simple, no-contact gesture, measuring anyone’s temperature with the most hygienic way within 0.4 to 1.6 inches. With the usage of thermopile and infrared sensor, TEMPMi can record body temperature with an accuracy of ± 0.5°F / 0.3°C.

Measure Everything

Simply hover above your hot coffee to know to avoid getting your tongue burn. Tired of overcooking your food? Measure your food with TEMPMi to know the exact temperature to cook the perfect meal.

App Tracking

Track and record temperature data with our exclusive user-friendly mobile application. You can monitor your temperature data anytime and set upper limits in the mobile app so you make sure your body is in a good condition.

Temperature records can be checked anytime with the mobile app after measurement.

Visible in the Dark

Tritium is the best light source as it can glow continuously for years without exposure to any form of energy. It has been used in high-end watch faces, camping equipment, and many more.

Easily locate TEMPMi in the dark with the self-illuminating tritium light which is built on its surface.

Portable & Lightweight

TEMPMi is the size of a key, you can bring it and use it anywhere without feeling them in your pocket.

Simply hook it onto your backpack, keychain, or use it as a zipper pull. You can even wear it as a necklace to ensure you will never lose your TEMPMi when you are on the go.

Easy to Use

Plug it in your mobile devices to measure temperature anytime and anywhere instantly without any hassle.


TEMPMi can be used with all mobile devices including Android smartphones, iPhone and even your tablets. Just plug it into your devices and measure temperature right away without using any batteries.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $80 (51% off).