hiREC, A Chef’s Companion

hiREC, Silver Award winner at Samsung Young Design Awards designed by Andrea Vecera is a shopper’s, grocer’s, and chef’s best friend. It’s essentially a device that reads out sell-by-dates, nutritional information, food intolerances, and recipes. By placing any food on the device, correlating information displays on the touchscreen interface. The system can work for medicine, specifically pharmacists who need to accurately measure meds out for each individual.

Designer: Andrea Vecera


  • pier says:

    It’s a good example of Italian Design !

  • Kaiser says:

    Dare I say….I like it. And it wouldn’t look stupid next to my monolith shaped coffee maker.

  • Strider_Mt2k says:

    My god…it’s full of coffee!

    These sure are neat looking.

  • It-Hobbit says:

    I don’t really see the use as a household item, but for grocery stores, delis, and less than legal pharmaceutical stores (those that sell by the pound) this might be a good choice 😉

  • Tin says:

    a flat top with no sides isnt really all that practical for weighing, but assuming it comes with a little bowl, looks great.

  • klai says:

    Where can I buy this device??I very need it,please!

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