This Porsche Design watch’s profound dial is influenced by Porsche’s first win of 24 Hours of Le Mans race!

Watchmaking is an art that requires a very unique taste for design, mechanical movement, and a certain story that defines the very essence of a timepiece’s inspiration. No doubt there are countless luxury watches in particular from Swiss watchmakers that are millimeter perfect in every aspect. Over the years, the art of watchmaking has seen a paradigm shift in the watch dial designs which focus on showing mechanical movement. Budding product designer Simon Grytten wants to take a detour from what’s trending right now and go back to the roots where timekeeping was the main influence behind any watch face.

Simon reimagines the dynamics of the dial with the twist of the automotive element in this Porsche Design Watch inspired by the Porsche 917 which took the crown at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970 and 1971. The rectangular shape of the timepiece sits pretty authoritatively on the wrist, emphasizing the timekeeping in style. The dial elevates to the middle section, carrying an element of Porsche 917’s contoured looks that were so trendy in the 70s era. To keep things peppy Simon reimagines this Porsche Design watch in different dial colors and strap options. The big winding crown depicts the rear end of the sports car.

The Targa branding on the sides hints at the influence from the iconic Porsche 911 Targa 4S. Although the designer doesn’t narrow in on any documented connection to this design, elements like the front dial markers and the colorways point towards the Targa inspiration of the watch’s design along with the Porsche 917.  Watch face is well complimented by the straps of the timepiece – something that Porsche Design will surely take notice of for their future luxury accessory design.

Designer: Simon Grytten