A Distinctly Stylish EDC Pen


Distinctly shaped like a cigar, the Clip Pen by Schon DSGN is modern and classic both at the same time.

It’s somewhat innately pleasing to own a pen that was specifically made from scratch just for you. The Clip Pen isn’t a factory-line product, mass-manufactured for the millions of style-pursuers of the world, but rather each pen is machined separately, and made with care, on-site in Boston. The pen comes 5 years in making and the wildly popular first variant didn’t feature a pocket clip, so the latest version, like its name suggests, features a screwed-on pocket clip that steps up the pen’s carry-ability, making it fit to be an integral, indispensable part of your EDC.

The pen comes in two material variants. One can opt for a polished/anodized aluminum build or a stainless steel construction. There’s even a titanium variant for special requests (I understand there are many!). The pen’s design embodies the classic style where the cap comes off the tip and fits on the back. It uses a screw mechanism for unscrewing and re-screwing and features a stylishly contrasting brass insert on the back that can be easily removed to access the pen’s refill. About half an inch in diameter, the pen feels great to hold and weighing in at 1.2 oz, virtually perfect for a pen its size. The clip, rather than being CNC machined, is made from bent steel and is fastened to the cap with two domed star bit screws, providing a rather reliable grip and promising not to deform/bend/break with time. Armed with a Fisher Space Pen refill, the Clip Pen promises to write effortlessly anywhere and in any conditions (even underwater or upside down), and will undeniably look stylish while doing so!

Designer: Ian Schon of Schon DSGN

BUY NOW: $45.00 $66.00



The cap conceals the front of the pen and unscrews to post on the back, transforming the 4″ long 1/2″ diameter pen into a comfortable length of 5-3/4″. The writing portion of the pen is .350″ diameter for a comfortable grip. The clip is made from stainless steel and is robust yet not too thick. The length of the clip is optimized for a visually balanced look while also being able to hold a 1″ length of material inside of it.


There’s even a “screwdriver” feature into the clip itself. The final bend on the end of the clip so that it sticks out just enough to be able to remove the set screw from the back of the pen.







BUY NOW: $45.00 $66.00