The Anti-tanic


Get it? Anti-tanic? Because it would help prevent the Titanic incident from happening? 😛

The Instant Relief (isn’t a vaporub) is a pretty ingenious lifeboat idea that allows multiple people to stay safe as well as together in the event of a shipwreck. With its criss-cross waffle-shaped design, it mimics multiple safety tubes, allowing a large number of escapees to save themselves from drowning. Genius!

Instant Relief is a winning entry for the Lite-On Awards 2015. Entries for this year’s LiteOn awards are open till the 16th of June, 2016. Head down to the LiteOn website for further details. Quick, before you run out of time!

Designers: Rongfeng Chen, Meiting Ye, Jinbo Cai, Zhipeng Lin, Jiaxin Cai, Tianliang Wu, Yikang Dai, Xueyu Zhang & Jiansen Su.