Go-Anywhere Drinking Water Condenser

NJORD (named after the god of the sea by the same name) is a portable water condenser targeted for warmer climates that was designed to condense the moisture in the surrounding atmosphere to create useable drinking water throughout the day. An internal thermostat monitors air temperature and adjusts an internal polar polymer to create the needed conditions for condensation to occur inside the bottle. Simply turn on the device and in two hours you’ll have a liter of water (in 50% humidity). Genius!

Designer: Reymin De Leon


  • Rawwhale says:

    There are hundreds of these water converters hitting the market now, such an awesome technology. It’s nice to see a small portable version, they are usually water cooler size, this would be great for hiking or a day at the beach.

    However, all of the existing systems run on traditional refrigeration compressors or much slower natural condensation… what is a controllable “Polar Polymer”? Google is stumped, can you provide some examples of the technology or is this just wishful thinking?

  • Sergio says:

    When might this product come available for purchase? I have a demonstration home that I am building this year that I would like to accessorized the finished home with this product. It fits the concept perfectly and I am located in a humid market in the USA.

  • Christian Da Costa says:

    I have been looking for a drinking water condenser, to produce de-ionised and pure drinking water. Can anyone tell me, would this product be any good, for de-ionisation.

  • Tara says:

    Have they made a prototype yet or is this just computer rendering?

    Amazing product – very interested in it!

  • li says:

    i’m super interested to buy one, is this just a prototype or real product?
    please give more informations and how it works exactly!!
    really interesting to know.

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  • jeff says:

    Yea, GREAT! But, you can’t buy it! You can buy the “magic pen” and other things advertised here, but you can’t buy the water condenser.

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