This Popsocket transforms into a 5-in-1 functional EDC, making your smartphone adventure ready!

We’ve got used to the simple yet useful EDC’s that come in a multitude of designs and the inherent functionality, lending them a unique USP that anyone out there would fancy. In the countless options for an everyday tool that we have, there’s yet another made for form, function, and double utility. Renowned knife-crafter SOG has teamed up with PopSockets (well known for their smartphone accessories) to create a pop-out grip that doubles as a basic EDC multitool – bringing five different utilities to the picture. Just for the records, PopSockets have been crafting PopGrips stand for smartphones since 2014, having sold more than 100 million of them, and now this collaboration brings something extra for the outdoorsy users.

SOG’s compact PopGrip Multi-tool is the final product that users will for sure fancy, as the PopGrip has a little slot to pop-in the removable stainless steel multitool for anything that it can be put use to. It has the bottle opener functionality, a mini pry bar and slotted screwdriver for random occasions, a small blade to cut through anything when required, and the one-fourth inch hex bit driver for any screwing tasks. The notches can fit in any 4mm hex bit driver, so you’re covered for most of your screwing tasks in a jiffy. When not in use the accessory stays in place for use as a grip handle or a stand for your smartphone while viewing multimedia content.

The 5-in-1 PopGrip Multi-tool is surely a very convenient way to solve common daily problems as the phone is there with you at all times. And don’t worry, it won’t fall off from the slot – it’s secured magnetically courtesy of the SOG’s TwistMag design. The accessory is compatible with wireless chargers, so that covers most modern-day devices. PopGrip Multi-tool is available in Blackout, Civic Cyan, and Moss Green colors and is up for grabs on PopSockets for keen buyers!

Designer: SOG and PopSockets

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