Smart Scale for Dummies

Whether it’s to save space or keep things looking tidy, we have a natural tendency to push our at-home body scales right up against the wall. Great, except that when it comes time to weigh-in you find yourself in an awkward, almost laughable position against the wall trying to see the results! The Comfy Gap solves this problem with a sliding surface that automatically puts users at the perfect distance away from the wall without sacrificing space. Simply step and slide to get your results. It’s 2014 after all, so of course it also works with an app on your smart device to keep track of your progress!

Designer: Youngkwang Cho


  • vedat says:

    come on ! what a important point…

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  • Jon Bucky says:

    I like the shape, but the gap isn’t that of a huge problem.(like people won’t buy scales because they are too lazy to move it at a distance from the wall.)
    Really cool shape, but thats about it….

    U need more stuff to back up the automated sliding. It’s not of a reason with the head. Not everybody leaves their scales next to a wall.

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