This Tesla Cybertruck-inspired moonracer is designed for exploration + fun on Tweel wheels!

While Mars remains the ultimate inhabitable destination for mankind, the moon’s surface is still unexplored. Rover missions to Mars have uncovered the secrets of the red planet, and to scout the moon’s jagged terrain, a designer envisions the Moonracer. An exploration vehicle that looks so much inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck with its sharp lines and the signature front and rear design. Of course to tread the toughest unknown terrain and hostile environment in case we humans dig for signs of life on still unexplored planets and their moons.

The tires on the NASA exploration vehicle by product design student Robin Mazánek are going to be the most vital, as they need to be ready for any adventure. Tweel airless tires developed by Michelin are going to be the ideal choice as they never get punctured or burst as the hub of the tire is connected to the rim via flexible polyurethane spokes that also double as shock absorbers for a smooth ride. Since the designer wants to take the Moonracer for more than just scientific exploration spin, the fun element comes in the form of moon bingo races – wherein the objective will be to discover something new. Logically this is still a pipedream until we start living on the moon, and time is on our side for such fun activities!

Robin gives a very light appeal to his rover design that has a very balanced weight distribution, much needed for the unfriendly terrains of foreign planets or moons. It looks made for two passengers on-board, and yes, the Tesla Cybertruck like element gives it that futuristic appeal.

Designer: Robin Mazánek