A New Grip, A New Steam

What many beginning designers, especially those with big dreams and aspirations, don’t realize that it’s the little things, the littlest parts of things, that matter the most. When you take a tiny piece of something and improve it immeasurably, that’s when you’ve made a magnificent difference in the world. If you’re able to work inside the system and change it from the inside out, you’ve just created a pathway. That’s what this Steam Machine has done with its handle.

If you work from the outside in, bashing away at society with your brand new products and pitches, you most likely wont have much luck. But if you work on the inside, like Yuree S Lim has done here with the EZ-Steam, you’ll find your way through and upward much quicker. This is a redesign of a steam iron for Philips that take a close look at what very well might be the most crucial component – the handle.

Designer: Yuree S Lim