Scissor hanger

Check out the Scissor Hanger. It’s a fun and functional to hang one’s clothes. Fortunately the edges are safer the kid safe scissors so no need to worry about shredding up your precious Apple t-shirts (RIP Steve). Made of wood or plastic.

Designer: Igor Vig


  • I miss good design 🙁

  • tryner says:

    Why are there so many useless hanger designs lately and why do you keep posting them Yanko?? Whatever design school thinks this is a good exercise, please stop and reevaluate your program.

  • Confucius says:

    You got aced by Mehdi Mojtabvi with the eslimi Red dot winner DESIGNED IN 2007. almost 5 years ago!

  • ryan says:

    Actually I could use some of these for a project…

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